Mission Statement and Values

MAOC (N)’s mission is to support Europe’s fight against drug trafficking in the Atlantic and Mediterranean maritime and aerial domains.

Steps for guaranteed goal achievement

Ensuring that we are visible, relevant and credible by:

  • Fusing and responding to actionable intelligence and multinational law enforcement direction
  • De-conflicting, developing and supporting coordinated interventions
  • Supporting investigations and maritime surveillance
  • Enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the maritime domain, identifying opportunities to develop
  • Sharing more intelligence and working together to fill intelligence gaps
  • Building effective partnerships with relevant actors to create a hostile environment to counter drug trafficking
  • Innovation – seeking better solutions to meet new and future challenges

In delivering our core business it is important to adhere to a set of values to provide a moral compass for MAOC (N):

  • Loyalty – supporting each other as equals in all tasks
  • Trust – having confidence to rely and depend on each other, creating an inclusive environment
  • Respect – treating everyone with dignity and respect, valuing diversity and working in partnership
  • Teamwork – recognizing that we are stronger and more effective together
  • Endeavour – leading by example with a stamina to finish the mission
  • Integrity – being professional and acting with integrity and transparency
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