Claudio Miscia, Italian Ambassador to Portugal, Visits MAOC-N Headquarters in Lisbon

On May 23rd, 2024, the Italian Ambassador to Portugal, Claudio Miscia, visited the Headquarters of MAOC-N in Lisbon. The recently appointed Ambassador, who was accompanied by the Italian Embassy’s Head of Consular Section, Simone Salvatore, was hosted by the Executive Director of MAOC-N, Sjoerd Top, and briefed by an analyst on the Centre’s current operations and drug trafficking trends via sea and air.

Ambassador Miscia’s visit reinforces the country’s close collaboration with MAOC-N since the Centre’s inception in 2007, as well as their shared commitment to enhancing maritime security and combating drug trafficking through international cooperation.

As one of the founding countries, Italy has been a key strategic partner of MAOC-N, having contributed with valuable intelligence in operations coordinated through the Centre and facilitating international cooperation in the context of maritime drug trafficking.