“Everything else gets dropped when MAOC calls” says Irish Newspaper ‘The Journal’

MAOC-N has been recently featured in the Irish newspaper “The Journal”, following an extensive interview with the Executive Director at the Centre’s Headquarters in Lisbon.

The article, titled “Fishing boat owners turning to work with drug trafficking gangs to deal with financial pressures,” underscores the collective approach taken by MAOC-N and its partner countries, namely Ireland, in the ongoing endeavor of fighting drug trafficking across the Atlantic.

Among other remarks, the article also highlights that “the role of the team in Lisbon is one of intelligence facilitation: they receive information gathered by member states and then build a picture to coordinate the response.”

Read the full article here: https://www.thejournal.ie/maoc-n-sjoerd-top-drugs-trafficking-6157406-Sep2023/