Major Spanish operation leads to the biggest ever maritime drug seizure in the country

It all started when Spanish authorities noted that four sailing vessels known to belong to the same organized crime group, were sailing at the same time near the Morrocan coast. From that moment the Spanish National Police, Customs and Navy, launched a major maritime operation aiming at intercepting the 4 vessels that were already subject to an investigation since October 2019.

Despite the rough conditions of the sea, the Spanish authorities managed to intercept the four sailing vessels in four days, in what is considered the biggest ever operation against maritime trafficking of hashish.

Over 30 tons of hashish have been seized and 9 persons (Russians and Bulgarians) have been arrested. The 4 luxury sailing vessels worth more than 5 millions euros were also seized in this operation.

The sophisticated “modus operandi” of this organized crime group required the cooperation of several countries, United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands, with a significant amout of intelligence being shared in the last months under the scope of MAOC (N) and Europol.

Spanish authorities believe that these four seizures, along with two other ones in March and July, represent a major blow to this Eastern-European crime group who is considered the biggest organization dedicated to the maritime trafficking of hashish in Europe.

The investigation is still open and further developments can be expected on the next days.

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