MAOC – N participated in the event ‘From America to Africa: Global Cooperation to Disrupt the New Illicit Maritime Route’ organized by SEACOP

On the last days representatives from MAOC-N were part of an event organized by SEACOP in Lisbon, to discuss new paths for cooperation to combat the threat posed by maritime drug trafficking in the Atlantic.

The event brought together high-level participants from Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean alongside with EU and international institutions like EMCDDA — European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, The Global Illicit Flows Programme, INTERPOL, CRIMJUST, COLIBRI, CARICOM, among others.

The days were focused on better combating the new routes of illicit trafficking from the Americas to Africa, highlighting the importance of strengthening trans-Atlantic links and strategies among law enforcement officials from SEACOP’s partner countries and other key maritime security actors.