MAOC-N supports another successful Senegalese operation in the Atlantic – 690 kg of cocaine seized

According to information gathered by various partners and shared through MAOC-N, a go-fast vessel was located off the coast of Senegal, after having loaded a significant quantity of cocaine from another vessel coming from South America.

With the valuable support of the French Navy aircraft F50M stationed in Dakar, the Senegalese Navy quickly made itself available to intercept the target, which it did, in the early hours of 22 December approximatelly 120nm off the coast. Although the crew quickly tried to throw the drugs overboard, the Senegalese authorities managed to recover several bales from the water, resulting in a total of 690kg of cocaine seized.

This large-scale international operation was only possible through extensive cooperation between various law enforcement agencies from the UK, USA and France which coordinated the maritime operation with Senegal, through MAOC-N.

The availability and readiness of the Senegalese Navy, as well as the support of the French air asset, were essential for yet another successful operational case, on a maritime route that has been increasingly used by criminal organisations dedicated to maritime drug trafficking.

So far this year, the Senegalese Navy has supported MAOC-N in four (4) maritime operations, resulting in the seizure of 7470 kg of cocaine.

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