MAOC-N supports French seizure of over 5 tonnes off the coast of West Africa

On December 6th, 2023, a French Patrouilleur de Haute Mer, aided by a maritime surveillance drone, successfully intercepted and seized a substantial 5132kg of cocaine from a Go-Fast-type vessel off the West African coast.

This operation was carried out in response to a collaborative effort initiated by the French OFAST and DNRED, who sought the support of the French Navy based on intelligence shared through MAOC-N and in coordination with the UK authorities (NCA) and the US authorities (DEA).

This significant seizure unfolded within the framework of the French Operation “Corymbe,” that addresses maritime insecurity and combat illicit drug trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea—an area that has witnessed heightened sensitivity in recent years.

The success of this mission underscores the crucial role of intelligence sharing in dismantling organized crime networks, and the joint efforts showcased the effectiveness of international cooperation in tackling the complex challenges posed by transnational criminal activities

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