MAOC-N supports Spanish operation in the Atlantic – 500kg of cocaine seized

In the last few days a joint operation carried out by the Spanish National Police and Customs (DAVA) with the support of MAOC-N, has resulted in the maritime interdiction of a Venezuelan fishing vessel in the Atlantic, transporting significant quantities of cocaine on board.

When the Spanish patrol asset “Petrel” intercepted the vessel in international waters, it could be noted that the crew started to throw several bales overboard in an attempt to get rid of the illicit cargo. Despite the challenging conditions in which the operation took place, the Spanish operatives were able to seize 16 bales of cocaine and also rescue the crew of the fishing vessel, which was on the verge of sinking. A total amount of 500 kg of cocaine has been recovered and seized.

The 11 members of the crew have been arrested and escorted to Galicia, where they were handed over to the competent judicial authority.