MAOC-N supports Spanish seizure of 15000kg of cannabis in the Strait of Gibraltar

The Spanish authorities, in coordination with their Portuguese counterparts, had been investigating this criminal group since 2020, culminating in the interception of the fishing vessel SEEFUCHS, which had been converted several years ago into a rescue and salvage vessel by an NGO operating in the Mediterranean that owned the vessel at the time. Hundreds of bales of cannabis were found on board, with a total amount exceeding 15 tons.

In June, SEEFUCHS departed for the Moroccan coast in order to collect a large quantity of drugs. Once loaded onto the old fishing boat, the criminal group set sail for the Strait of Gibraltar, where the vessel was intercepted 100 nautical miles south of Huelva.

Five crew members of different nationalities and other 3 people on land were arrested.

So far this year, MAOC-N has supported operations resulting in the seizure of over 100 tons of cannabis.

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