MAOC – N supports Spanish seizure of over 22 tons of hashish off the Canary Islands

A joint operation conducted by the Spanish authorities, involving the Guardia Civil, the National Police and Customs Surveillance Services (DAVA) has resulted in the seizure of 22,100 Kg of hashish.

Despite the adverse sea conditions, the fishing vessel ODYSSEY227, flying the flag of Mongolia, was intercepted by the Spanish authorities approximately 30 nautical miles East of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain). The crew, composed of one Italian and 3 Senegalese nationals, were arrested.

Indications are that this sizable consignment was loaded off the Atlantic coast of Morocco, with a final destination in West Africa.

According to the press release from the Spanish Customs Surveillance Services (DAVA), this new Atlantic cannabis route, crossing the African continent along the Sahel, is considered by organised crime groups to be a safer option in comparison to the eastern Mediterranean route where Italian, French and Spanish authorities have made multiple seizures in recent years.

Press (with video):