MAOC-N supports the seizure of 20000kg of cannabis off the Canary Islands

On 08/08/21, the Spanish National Police in a joint operation with the Customs Surveillance Service (DAVA), and in coordination with the French Customs (DNRED), have intercepted a general cargo vessel about 40 nautical miles southeast of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. The interception and subsequent deep search revealed 638 bales with a total weight of approximately 20 tons of hashish on board. The crew, composed by eleven Syrian nationals, were arrested.

Within the framework of the investigation, supported by the Spanish CITCO (Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organized Crime) and the Spanish Maritime Coordination Centre, the investigators noticed as, in July 2021, one of the vessels belonging to the mentioned shipping company and located in Turkey, was subject to registration changes, which raised suspicions. As the investigation developed, the authorities followed the movements of the vessel out of the Mediterranean, and decided to intercept the cargo vessel close to the Canary islands.

Fardos de hachís intervenidos
Photo: Policía Nacional