Representatives of the Pompidou Group visit MAOC-N

MAOC-N hosted a visit for the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe, represented by Mr João Goulão (the Pompidou Group Chairman, and also Director-General of SICAD – Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies General Directorate), by Mr Denis Huber (the Pompidou Group Executive Secretary) and by Mrs Ana Sofia Santos (the SICAD Head of International Relations Division).

MAOC-N is part of the Pompidou Expert Group on General Aviation aiming at facilitating cooperation for law enforcement agencies to reduce illegal trafficking by sharing information on improving control, risk management, profiling, detection and investigative measures.

This visit was an excellent opportunity to provide information about the Centre’s most recent achievements in general aviation and to establish the next steps for more effective cooperation in the future.

Know more about the Pompidou Co-operation Group of Drug Control Services at European Airports and the Expert Group on General Aviation: