Spanish and Portuguese Authorities Dismantle Important Criminal Group Dedicated to International Drug Trafficking

In a significant victory against organised crime, Spanish and Portuguese authorities have joined forces under operation GRAJUELA, successfully intercepting 627Kg of cocaine on board a “go-fast” boat operating in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Alongside this cocaine haul, law enforcement authorities also seized a significant quantity of cash, vehicles and speedboats, as well as communications and IT systems. Several members of this criminal group have also been arrested as a result of these coordinated efforts.

Operating from a center located in Lisbon, this criminal network had its roots in southern Spain, comprising individuals from both countries. Their modus operandi consisted of using several speedboats, which in addition to collecting drugs from other vessels, also provided logistical support for various drug trafficking operations off the Iberian Peninsula.

This operation was carried out by the Spanish National Police, Guardia Civil and the Customs Surveillance Service working jointly with the Portuguese Judicial Police, and the maritime side of this investigation was supported by MAOC (N).

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