Spanish authorities arrest several members of an organisation dedicated to maritime drug trafficking

A joint operation conducted by the Spanish Customs’ Surveillance service and National Police has resulted in a significant blow against a Spanish based organised crime group, responsible for introducing several tons of cocaine in Europe by sea.

This large investigation started in 2022, after 1165 Kg of cocaine were found inside a sailing vessel which departed from Suriname destined for Valencia. The Spanish authorities were then able to identify several members of this criminal group and collect a significant amount of information in relation to its “Modus Operandi”, which consisted in transferring the cocaine loads from one vessel to another in high seas.

The leader of this criminal group has been arrested along with several other members of the organisation. The Spanish authorities were also able to seize 3 vessels, several luxury cars and watches, weapons, phones and a significant amount of cash.

Besides the involvement of the already mentioned Spanish agencies, this investigation has had the collaboration of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), the police of the Netherlands, France and Ireland, with close support from MAOC (N).

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