Spanish authorities seized 1000 kg of cocaine in the Atlantic, supported by MAOC-N

In the last days, a joint Spanish operation conducted by the National Police, Customs (DAVA), supported by the Spanish Navy, has resulted in the seizure of 1 tonne of cocaine on board a fishing vessel originating from South America.

After information was gathered that the fishing vessel was loaded with a significant amount of cocaine, the Spanish patrol vessel “Fulmar” was immediately deployed, managing to intercept the target approximately 600 nautical miles from the archipelago of Cape Verde, transporting 40 bales of cocaine.

The crew was composed of nationals from Albania and Guyana, who have been arrested and will be handed over to the competent authorities.

This successful operation was possible through extensive international cooperation between the aforementioned Spanish law enforcement agencies, working closely with the Portuguese Judicial Police (PJ) and the US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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