Spanish authorities seize 1200Kg of cocaine in the Canary Islands

After a strenuous search of the vessel UNISPIRIT upon arrival in Las Palmas on 18/10/2020, the Spanish authorities managed to find 1.2 tons of cocaine hidden in a cargo of corn that had been loaded in Brazil and was destined for Cadiz, Spain.

This seizure is a result of the cooperation between the Spanish and Brazilian authorities, who also seized 1,5 tons of cocaine on board the UNISPIRIT during loading operation at São Sebastião (Brazil) on Oct 2, in cargo holds among bags.

The ship arrived on Oct 16, not for cargo operations, but with the sole purpose of a thorough search, with final destination being Cadiz Spain.

No arrests were made among the crew, composed of 12 Russian nationals, who were allowed to continue the journey on board the vessel.