A sailing vessel intercepted with cocaine in French Polynesia

An investigation carried out by French customs (DNRED) led to the identification and subsequent boarding of a vessel suspected of being involved in drug trafficking.

After an intense search, the French authorities found the illicit cargo in the vessel’s rear and seized 423Kg of cocaine. The drugs were hidden in two particularly elaborate concealments, with an electromagnetic opening system and mirrors to cover the access to the compartment where the drugs were found.

The Swedish sailing vessel had set sail from Panama, and its final destination should have been Australia. Both crew members, also Swedish, were arrested and now face criminal prosecution.

According to the French authorities, this is the seventh sailing vessel intercepted with cocaine in French Polynesia since 2016.

Photo: Douane France

Press Release (with video): https://www.douane.gouv.fr/actualites/saisie-historique-de-423-kilos-de-cocaine-par-les-douaniers-de-polynesie-francaise