French Navy Seizes 1460kg of Cocaine in Joint Operation in the Atlantic

On May 22nd, 2024, the Surveillance Frigate VENTÔSE of the French Navy intercepted a flagless fishing vessel on the Atlantic high seas. The vessel, found out to be named TY COZ, had 5 crew members and was carrying 63 bales and 4 bricks of cocaine onboard.

The VENTÔSE proceeded to interdict the TY COZ after its detection by a Falcon 50 aircraft and later relocation by the onboard Panther helicopter. This operation ultimately led to the total seizure of 1460kg of cocaine.

The crew members and the cargo were brought back to Fort-de-France by the VENTÔSE and handed over on May 26th to the Caribbean anti-narcotics office (OFAST).

This MAOC (N) supported operation, conducted with the local authorities in Guyana, had the cooperation of the UK and US authorities through the National Crime Agency and the Drug Enforcement Agency, respectively, demonstrating the importance of international maritime cooperation in combating drug smuggling. Further investigations are ongoing.