MAOC-N supports Irish operation at Weston Airport resulting in the seizure of 60kg of heroin

A multi-agency operation named THRUDR, conducted by the Irish authorities (An Gardaí Síochána and Revenue Customs), has resulted in the seizure of 60kg of heroin on board a Hungarian-flagged Cessna.

The light aircraft was intercepted and seized at Weston Airport on December 1st by the Irish authorities, who found 60kg of vacuum-packed heroin inside it. Both crew members were arrested and charged with drug-related offenses.

Assistant Garda Commissioner Justin Kelly, who visited MAOC-N earlier this year, described the aircraft’s seizure as hugely significant and stated that “this operation shows the importance of multi-agency co-operation, in this case between An Garda Síochána, Irish customs and the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre in Lisbon, Portugal”.