MAOC-N supports Spanish cocaine seizure on a fishing vessel near the Canary Islands

Last week, under particularly adverse weather conditions, the Patrol Vessel CONDOR of the Spanish Customs Surveillance Service carried out a maritime operation which resulted in the seizure of over 1.500kg of cocaine in the Atlantic.

The target of the operation was a vessel named EFESIOS 5-20, a 25 meter-long fishing vessel flying the Brazilian flag, which was sailing near the Canary Islands when it was intercepted. The Spanish authorities ultimately found over 1.500kg of cocaine in 60 bales hidden in a compartment built in the engine room, as announced this Friday by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. There were six members on board the vessel, with Brazilian and Venezuelan nationalities.

This operation was the result of the combined efforts by the Spanish Customs (DAVA), the National Police and the Guardia Civil in close cooperation with international partners from the US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the British National Crime Agency (NCA).

The operation was coordinated through MAOC-N.