MAOC-N supports the seizure of 4.6 tonnes of cocaine in the Gulf of Guinea

A joint operation conducted by the French authorities (OFAST, Judicial Police and Navy) has resulted in the interception of a Brazilian tug transporting over 4.600Kg of cocaine.

During the first hours of the 30th of November, French naval asset “Tonerre” was able to intercept the target in international waters off the coast of Sierra Leone, uncovering several bales of cocaine. This tug had been under special surveillance since its departure from Brazil, and it is believed that the final destination for this illicit cargo was Europe.

This successful operation was made possible through intensive international cooperation involving several countries and law enforcement agencies, such as the Brazilian Federal Police, the US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), EUROPOL and MAOC-N, as well as the aforementioned French authorities.

So far this year, the MAOC-N partner countries have already seized over 15 tons of cocaine from operations coordinated through the Centre, particularly in the area extending from Senegal/Cape Verde all the way to the Gulf of Guinea.