MAOC (N) supports the Spanish seizure of 6000Kg of hashish off the southern coast of Spain

In mid-July, a Spanish Joint Operation carried out by the National Police and Customs (DAVA), with coordinated support from MAOC-N, led to the seizure of 6000Kg of Hashish on board a Sailing Vessel.

The Maltese-flagged vessel was seized approximately 130 miles off the coast of Huelva, Spain, with three crewmembers on board, as well as multiple pieces of equipment used to evade police action, such as a drone and a radio frequency detector.

The vessel departed from Spain, heading towards the Moroccan coast to then load the drugs, returning to Spain afterwards. These drugs would eventually be distributed and transported throughout Europe from the south of the peninsula. However, due to the success of international cooperation, the vessel was intercepted in the Atlantic Ocean in international waters.

The investigation which led to this seizure was active since early 2021 and was carried out with the support of multiple international partners such as the UK National Crime Agency, the Italian authorities, MAOC-N and CITCO (Spanish Centre for Intelligence against Terrorism and Organised Crime). This successful operation was yet another result of the effective close cooperation between several MAOC-N partner countries and key international partners.

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