Representatives from the AQUAPOL network visit MAOC-N

Last week, the AQUAPOL Director Lt. Col. Jean-Pierre di Gregorio (FR Gendarmerie) accompanied by Lt Col Paco Toledo (ES Guardia Civil) and Cécile Tournaye (management team), visited MAOC-N headquarters in Lisbon, in a meeting that served to present the work of both EU projects and assess where further cooperation could be developed in the near future.

AQUAPOL is the European network of water police law enforcement agencies. It is organised in four geographical hubs, including two maritime hubs, for the Atlantic on the one hand, and the Mediterranean on the other hand. Maritime hubs are also regularly involved in tackling illicit drug trafficking, among other types of crimes.

AQUAPOL is composed of 19 member-states and other 26 different organisations that exchange information for awareness purposes regarding several maritime incidents, through a consolidated information-sharing process.