Spanish authorities seize 4.7 tons of cannabis resin with the support of MAOC-N

A joint operation conducted by Spanish Customs (DAVA) and the Spanish National Police has resulted in the seizure of 4760Kg of cannabis resin on board the Polish flagged sailing vessel FLORIANA.

The vessel was intercepted approximately 70 nautical miles off Cartagena (Spain) and two Bulgarian crew members belonging to an organisation involved in the illicit transport of narcotic substances to Europe were arrested.

This vessel was known to the authorities for its involvement in other drug trafficking operations in the past and, although under a different name and flying a different flag, the vessel continued to be monitored by several countries exchanging information through MAOC-N.

On the 20th of November, a Spanish aerial asset confirmed that two semi-rigid vessels had approached the FLORIANA, to load the illegal cargo that was subsequently seized.

So far in 2021, MAOC-N partner countries have seized approximately 124 tons of cannabis in operations coordinated through and supported by the Centre.

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